Sunday, August 30, 2015

DenKnits 3.17 Enough Design Talk

Finished objects - FOs

  • Cowl design out of handspun corespun from Winding Wool Creek Fiber Mill
    • Already test knit, should be available soon!
  • Handspun cowl/poncho (concho?) from hand carded fibers spun gradiently
    • Didn't turn out how I planned so I don't intend on publishing
  • Baby Bandana Bib
    • Used Louisa Harding Jesse
  • Hat design out of Wool Sundae worsted weight yarn
Works in progress - WIPs
  • Practice corespinning with core I purchased at this year's MFF and fiber purchased at last year's MFF
  • Handcarded black merino from FiberJ with sari silk ribbon threads and corespun, then 2plied it
  • Handcarded other unknown fiber with sari silk ribbon threads but haven't spun the rolags yet
  • Drop spindling!  Happyfuzzyyarn on the TurtleMade turkish 3D spindle
  • Test Knitters Call!
    • Cowl out of DK, 475yds
    • Poncho out of DK, 800-1000yds?
    • Hat out of worsted, 220yds
    • Cowl out of worsted, 200yds?
    • Long cowl out of worsted, 185yds
New to me Videos

Saturday, August 8, 2015

DenKnits 3.15 Words... mmmm... fiber!

Spinning - TdF total 3,814yds/2.167miles total spun

  • Finished the Topeka Twister rolags as 2ply 190yds
  • Rainbows
    • Fiber J nply 110yds
    • Savvy Skeins nply 150yds
    • Spun Sugar 2ply 86 yds
    • Topeka Twister nply 136yds

Finished Objects - FOs
  • Shortie socks - Plymouth yarn Neon Now 45g
  • Maria Zilakou's Avrilia Shawl - Handspun Blue Barn Fiber ~400yds
  • Shawl Design for 3ply -> 2ply handspun - Spun Right Round
  • Cowl Design to go with Angel Wings Hat - Highland Handmades handspun worsted
  • Loopy cowl design - Kirby Wirby worsted
  • The Penny hat revisited and matching mitts created - Fiber Addiction worsted
Works in Progress - WIPs
  • Socks - Plymouth yarn Neon Now remaining 55g
  • Hat design - Wool Sundae worsted
  • Shawl practice out of worsted acrylic magic ball
  • During July promo I introduced "Rock Around" cowl design out of North Cabin Fiber Crafts fingering weight held double
  • And Angel Wings Hat out of Agrestal Yarns
Out & About
  • Holland Fiber Friends - meet at Michigan Fiber Fest on Saturday!
    • New Facebook group for news!
    • September meet up date TBD
  • Michigan Fiber Fest plans
    • New business cards and 'rack cards' from Vista print
  • 2 braids of falkland totaling over 8oz from Fiber J destash
  • Estonia yarns from 'aunt's trip 
  • FredArndtArtworks ornament (find on Etsy!)
Knittin' in the Mitten
  • I'm organizing the Try it out/try it on/designers trunk show
  • Check The High Fiber Diet board for the thread and contribute!
Michigan Fibre Studio opening Sept 12 in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids

DenKnits 3.14 Spinning more than knitting

Sorry, I did not post the video here as soon as it published to YouTube :-(

Quick show notes, no links...

No knitting FOs

Christmas in July / Birthday Month evens on DenKnits Facebook page and denknits_myfavthings Instagram account


  • Steel City - Dream in Color Starry
  • Socks - Neon Now Plymouth Yarns
Designing - How do you like errata?

  • Spin This Box (now on Big Cartel!)
    • Light up the Sky all but one done, 1782 yds so far
    • Savvy Skeins 3ply 180yds
    • Fiber J 2ply 134yds
    • Spun Sugar batt single 146yds
    • Phoenix Fiber Co single 178yds
    • Topeka Twister batt 2ply 112 yds
    • Topeka Twister rolags in progress on TurtleMade 3D printed spindle, will be 2ply
  • Spin This Box Rainbows up next

Sunday, July 5, 2015

DenKnits 3.13 Tour de F... Fleece!

Finished Objects - FOs

Works in Progress - WIPs
  • It's Tour de Fleece!  Somehow related to a bike race that I don't know anything about, I decided to join Team Phoenix Rising 2015 because she created a Facebook group and I like her fibers :-)  My goal is to spin all of my two Spin This Box fibers and I started with prepping some of the braids on Friday.  I'll mostly wheel spin but since I have some days I won't be able to use my wheel, I will also be using my TurtleMade spindle.
Christmas in July / Birthday Month
  • Like my Facebook page and / or follow my business Instagram account to see the daily highlights.  Patterns that are free will be highlighted as well as paid patterns that will be discounted.  I'll also have specials on finished knits for sale for non-knitters and maybe even some handspun or other items knitters would like!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

DenKnits 3.12 A little bit too colorful?

Finished Objects

Works in Progress
Did you knit in public on WWKIP???

Acquisition - Spin this box

Designing - in the works, a worsted weight item with Agrestal Yarn; test knitter for Cafe Poncho

Saturday, June 6, 2015

DenKnits 3.11 Spinning Bug

Not sure why, but iMovie is not working for me... I've been trying to upload to YouTube for a week now and the app keeps crashing.  My file is too large to do a direct upload to YouTube without compressing and I haven't figured out how to do that and keep it unzipped.  At this point, the only way I have found to get the video up it using Picasa from Google.  You can watch following this link: DenKnits 3.11  If I can ever get iMovie to stop crashing I'll get this up to YouTube then.  Hopefully I can figure something better out by next recording!

Finished Objects - FOs

  • Baby Sophisticate
  • Baby Newsie Hat
  • DGY Chevron design
Works in Progress - WIPs
  • Lotus Flower Blanket
  • Socks
  • Steel city shawl
  • Age of Brass & Steam ?
  • Blue Barn Fiber
    • 2 sets of rolags spun individually as singles, then 2-ply together using cake method
  • Highland Handmades
    • 4 oz Shetland braid from Stitches East
      • Split the braid in half lengthwise and then each into thirds widthwise
  • April Spin this Box
    • Phoenix Fiber Co 1.6 oz rolags of merino, silk, faux cashmere, viscose, tussah silk, firestar, and angelina
      • Spun singles, then felted/fulled them
    • Topeka Twister 2 oz braid of merino and bamboo
      • 2-ply using cake method, did not split braid
    • Snerb 1.5 oz 4 mini batts of merino, alpaca, sari silk and angelina
      • Spun singles long draw then 2-ply with mulberry silk
    • Six Fingered Kitty Fiber Arts 1/2 oz teeswater locks
      • Tail spun and 2-ply with mulberry silk
    • Fiber J 1 oz mulberry silk gradient dyed
      • Spun singles
        • 2-ply from the darkest end first with the locks
        • 2-ply from darkest end left with the mini batts
        • Leftovers left as single, mostly white
Out and About
  • Holland Fiber Friends
    • small group meet up over Memorial weekend
    • June 13th next meet up for World Wide Knit in Public Day
      • Look for a local meet up near you!
      • If you can't find one, go knit in public anyway!
Shared Projects Drawing
  • Since I apparently forgot all of April and so far this month I drew 2 names to win a $5 or less Ravelry downloadable pattern.  PM me on Rav or email me.
  • Currently swatching with new Darn Good Yarn called Fuzzy Acrylic
  • The kits sold by Fiber Addiction that I contributed a pattern to, which also had fiber by Fiber Addiction, a spinning bag by Chasing Acorns and a spindle by TurtleMade, were picked up by StephenBe to be sold at his awesome shop!